France Summer - Fall 2017

In the summer and fall of 2017 we returned to France for five months, splitting our time between Thure, where we had lived the prior summer, and Chameyrat-le-Vieux, at our castle owner Arnaud's boyhood home. Near the end of our trip we met up with a friend in Paris, then made a quick trip to Avignon and Marseille

Trip Details
Start Date
Thursday, July 06, 2017
End Date
Monday, October 30, 2017
Trip Reports

La Sudrie

Saturday. July 08, 2017
Chameyrat-le-Vieux, Correze, FR
La Sudrie, Chameyrat-le-Vieux

La Sudrie is the name given to the de Belinay property just outside of Brive-la-Gaillarde, France, in the little hamlet of Chameyrat-le-Vieux. The rural estate in the...

Trip to Langedouc

Wednesday. July 12, 2017
Mission: Mediterranean Oysters

Shortly after we arrived at La Sudrie, the summer rains set in, making it difficult to get much done on the property. We decided to head to...

Correze and Environs

Saturday. August 26, 2017

When we weren't working on the grounds at La Sudrie, Karen and I explored the nearby area, poking our noses into the historic centers of the area's many medieval...

The Atlantic Coast

Wednesday. August 30, 2017
Chameyrat-le-Vieux, Correze
Thure, Vienne
Down the Dordogne to the Sea

At the end of August, our three months at La Sudrie had come to an end. Now it was time to head back to...

Along the Loire

Wednesday. September 20, 2017
Love in the Loire

From its early occupation by the Romans, up through the second world war, when much of the area was occupied by the Germans, the Loire valley...

Artful Paris

Sunday. October 15, 2017
A Friendly Visit

When we house sit, (or in this case, castle care-take), we can often host friends who leverage our stay as an excuse to visit. If the situation...

Avignon and Marseille

Saturday. October 21, 2017

After saying goodby to our friend Pam, we caught a train to Avignon.  We arrived mid-day, then dragged our roller bags through the cobblestone streets to our Air BnB in...